It's a rebrand new day!

We kickstarted the year 2010 with revolution on wheels. 20 drivers. 3 services. 1 call centre. That old classic logo with the bike reflected what we did best - paint the town green with motorcycle taxis, also called Ojek in Indonesia.

Today, the two wheelers have taken us miles ahead and how! With 30+ products across 6 categories, Gojek is many things to many people.

But then, as we grew in scale, so did our design challenges. Our visual language was exploding in all directions. It was difficult to identify one product from the other, or recognise them all as one, under Gojek.

So we decided to rebrand our way into a scalable solution.

One Brand, One Identity

We needed a cohesive, holistic brand system that would build consistency, and bring all our visual communication under one roof. So, we resolved to make Gojek

  • Instantly recognisable,
  • Unique, and
  • Scalable

And boy, we whipped up whole lotta things! 😛

The Name is Solv

Inspired from circles, our core brand element, Solv represents our mark of solutions. Because where there's a problem, there’s Solv.

Every logo tells a story. Here’s ours.

Logo construction grid
Two ways to go about it


Imagine, you’ve been churning out products, only to realise you started running out of distinct colors to represent them all!

That happened. So we categorised our products into 6 business categories, giving each a primary color. Our primary color palette, and secondary as an extension to primary, is optimised for both print and digital, and is scalable in a way that creates a brand recall for all of our products, and the ones to come!

GoGo Green

Transport & Logistics






127 100 67


We were long looking for a type that complemented our core brand element - circles. And thus we found Maison Neue!

It goes with our character, function and scale, creating a beautiful rhythm and balance with our marquee, Solv.

The grotesque sans-serif typeface comes in 12 unique styles, each with an extended Latin character set, and a variety of OpenType features. It also sports Extended and Mono versions that allow for all the freedom to play around, keeping the brand recall high as a kite, and our designers high on type.


There’s canvas. There’s circle. And there’s Gojek. We’re the three musketeers, always together. Our composition is inspired from the circle, which comes from our logo, Solv. This works as a strong brand recall. We keep it moving on the canvas. The copy, however, moves only within the circle.

Tone of Voice

A consistent voice bridges the gap between familiarity and trust. Users feel comfortable with brands that are more human than others. Also, conversations become more valuable and, sometimes, memorable.

The Gojek tone of voice can be summed up in 4 adjectives.


We don’t beat around the bush. We talk all things simple, straightforward, and single-meaning. So, if our language had a color, it’d be transparent - if that’s a color.


Formals don’t suit us, really. We write the way we speak. But we’re always sincere and respectful first. Beachwear second. And maybe only half a Bacardi down, third.


Even a well-timed poor joke could win hearts. We get it. And we get it right too often. Wit comes naturally to us - unless we try hard, in which case, you’ll never know.


We know exactly how one feels on early food delivery, or late cab arrival. We never facepalm a customer that gets the Confirm password wrong. We understand. Until they get it wrong the third time.

Product Logos

Circles run in the family. Our grid construction is inspired from circles - our core brand element - that give our product logos a unifying look, and an instant connect to the mother brand.

Product logo construction grid
Platform Logos

Circles run in the family. Our grid construction is inspired from circles - our core brand element - that give our product logos a unifying look, and an instant connect to the mother brand.


We do the mismatch you cannot miss - Color Block. This is our darling, our strongest recall. It complements our composition and typography.

Bright. Pastels. Hues. We make unexpected combinations. Just pic & play! We keep it

  • Focussed: Draws the attention using a single, pronounced color.
  • Playful: Fun & young
  • Scalable: Easy to execute, indoor or outdoor.


By now you know we have a thing for circles, our key graphic element.

Our icons are inspired from the same. They are designed to complement our product logos, and also create a harmony with our type. As a rule, they are delightful, recognisable and intuitive.

Icon construction grid
Icon in outline style
Icon in filled style

Sonic Branding

If you were lost in a jungle, and you heard a whistle-of-sorts that made you smile? That’d be us. Cool, catchy, upbeat, memorable, and jolly good! Not too peppy, not too soulful. Very today.

And that whole jungle example? We don’t hope it happens. It was just a jungle example.

Gojek Score


Some artists go wild with this one. #WeToo, with only three rules though.

Get-it at first sight

Keep the illustrations simple. No extra second be wasted, decoding what the modern art is all about.


Represent the spice of life as is. Embrace the pop culture. Be meme-ly. Be memorable.


Dramatize. Emphasize. Aggrandize. Hyperbolize. Catch their eyes. Because everybody loves drama.